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Transportation and cost of delivery

1. General

(1) For all supplies and services of the user applies exclusively the following terms. All product names are the property from their respective manufacturer. Product illustrations are exemplary illustrations and could deviate from the ordered/delivered Products.

(2) Purchasing specifications are only effective if they were agreed specifically and confirmed in writing form by the user. Purchase agreements will not until comes about through the acceptance in written form (order confirmation) or by receiving the order through the customer, if applicable not until the end of the cancellation-/restoration deadline. For the maintenance of sufficient writing, an e-mail, which wasn´t signed, will do.

2. Delivery and deliver Reservations

(1) Goods which are on stock will be delivered one day after receiving the order. In case articles were ordered which are not on stock, the delivery will be done one day after receiving the goods from our supplier. Generally this will be the seventh up to the tenth day after receipt the order. Deliveries are made by the seller always happens with the reservation, that the seller will be delivered in time on his part and hasn´t represent the missing availability from the article.

(2) The enforcement of compensation is excluded, as far as no gross fault or willful intent on the part of the seller existent. If a particular article or a substitute isn´t available, the seller is able to refuse the delivery. The seller will inform the customer directly, about the missing availability

(3) It is important that a signatory is available to sign for the consignment at the advised delivery address only. Courier companies may make additional charges for second attempt deliveries or may require the address to collect from their local depot. If a signatory is not available at your usual address please consider an alternative delivery address where a representative for yourself is available to sign, or designate your workplace as your preferred delivery location.

3. Foreign postage

5,00 €
Austria, Begium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Italy

15,00 €
Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Irland

30,00 €

45,00 € -- Regular Postal charges for an up to 10kg parcel with DHL. There will be extra cost for parcels over 10 kg. Our customer service will inform you.
United States, Egypt, Canada

60,00 € -- Regular Regular Postal charges for an up to 10kg parcel with DHL. There will be extra cost for parcels over 10 kg. Our customer service will inform you.
Japan, Australia, Brazil, China. United Arab Emirates

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